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Why a relationship with Heartland is more valuable to you in 2021

Heartland has established a reputation of being the go-to source for clients looking for specific talent and for independent consultants looking for projects in the Oracle ERP space.  This has been accomplished over the past 10+ years and our position in the marketplace.  So why is it more valuable now than ever to work with Heartland?

1. Recruiting has changed rapidly

New technologies have rapidly entered the marketplace.  This adjusts who has and who doesn’t have experience rapidly.  For example, in the past a PeopleSoft consultant was established in a mature market over a long period of time.  Today, a person may have two Oracle Cloud projects in a 6 month span TOTALLY changing their eligibility in the market.  This makes recruiting hard for people using old data and EASY for people using fresh data with relationships.

2. Networking hasn’t happened

One of our largest competitors are clients who have their own network.  We like this and explains our model perfectly knowing the people you have worked with, getting referrals, having experience with a specific part of the market.  We do this at scale.  You build and retain your network by seeing people at the office, conferences, and networking.  For many, this hasn’t happened at all in 2020.  For Heartland, THIS IS OUR BUSINESS and we excel at continuing to build relationships, following up, and identify the best ways to partner with customers and consultants.

3. On Demand economy has arrived

Amazon has normalized convenience, speed, customization.  Many companies take a long time to get started, understand a requirement, provide options and follow up.  Heartland is a well-oiled machine built for efficiency and value via our platform model of communication.  We are the Uber of Oracle staffing and our history with Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards feeds our ability to deliver Oracle Cloud talent.

Shorter projects, more customized skill sets, new technologies, many integrations are all areas that lead Heartland to a competitive advantage with our knowledge.

Visa restrictions, workplace location changes onsite/remote, approved projects scaling up/down fast are all areas that lead Heartland to a competitive advantage with our adaptability.

Long term focus, reputation in the marketplace, and companies involved in M/A or bankruptcy are all areas that lead Heartland to a competitive advantage with our consistency.

When looking to invest your time with a partner in 2021 and beyond, what do you value in your relationship with a vendor?