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As businesses’ dependency on technology increases every year, it becomes harder to differentiate what programs can help you succeed and what programs can hold you back. We believe that in this maze of technologies, there are two major tools that will guide your business to success. Here at Heartland, we depend heavily on the use of Linkedin and our CRM system.

Linkedin is the most important professional social media tool for companies and individuals. As an individual, you are able to network with co-workers and grow your professional network. You can also research companies and causes that interest you, and add them to your fully customizable profile. As a company you are able to use Linkedin to write blog posts, post job openings, and connect with your industry network. Overall Linkedin can help companies and individuals gain more exposure to their markets, and grow their professional networks.

As you build your client base and your professional network, it can be challenging to document all the communication between you and your clients. This is where a CRM, or Customer Relation Management system, becomes highly valuable. Here at Heartland, we can use our CRM system to document calls, emails, and visits with clients and potential customers. When looking for a CRM, it is important to look for some key features. First, a cloud- based server; which allows you to conduct business away from the office and on the go on any device with internet. Second, a social integration feature; that allows you to sync your client’s Linkedin profile to your database so that your system can be as up to date as possible. Lastly, a good CRM system should intuitively allow you to document all communication between you and your clients with ease and efficiency.

Just as Heartland has helped our clients grow their internal systems, we are dedicated to help businesses maximize efficiency and streamline communication. Using our proven Resource Delivery Model, our clients receive the highest caliber of talent to develop a perfect CRM system for any company, regardless of size or difficulty.

Using these tools have proven extremely effective in a wide range of industries and departments. The integration of Linkedin and CRM into your business can have a positive impact on your personal and professional success.

Blog Written by:

Lamees Halani and Brian Bertola
2015 Heartland Interns