Heartland IT Consulting is

Resource Staffing

We focus on the key features and benefits clients enjoy with traditional staffing while taking advantage of Heartland’s strategic strengths. We see two main types of staffing and our delivery model has been built to deliver on each of these key areas.

During these scenarios, the client typically has a strong understanding of what they need, but they don’t have the resources to execute.

Staff Augmentation Reactionary
Typical scenarios are for a resource to assist with a newly acquired company integration, divesting a business unit or sustainment team interim talent. Our proactive recruiting team can react quickly, taking someone from our database of pre­qualified candidates to turn these types of resource needs around in 24 hours. We can deliver a trusted resource to a client quickly at a cost effective rate, fitting the specific skills the client needs for that position, for a defined start date.

Staff Augmentation Planned
These are scenarios for project work, planned absences for team members or strategic knowledge resources to augment a client’s staff. We deliver this resource from our database of pre­qualified candidates and can hand select the best of the best talent. In many cases, the client’s and candidate’s start dates are 30-60 days out and we are able to give our clients access to top tier talent in the marketplace before anyone else can.

Both versions of the Heartland Resource Staffing Model deliver unique features and benefits designed to provide a solution that is fast, reliable and flexible to fit a client’s need with minimal ramp up time for the talent. This makes up 30% of Heartland IT Consulting’s demand annually.