Heartland IT Consulting is

Subscription Services

We focus on the key features and benefits clients enjoy from their favorite past consultants while taking advantage of Heartland’s flexibility and responsiveness. Our delivery model duplicates this providing a resource substitution solution that you call allocate a fixed cost for your capital budget.

Heartland subscription services solves a common customer problem utilizing our strengths.  Customers need people with a wider range of skills for shorter periods of time and would like to customize the resource skill set.  The exact skills aren’t always predictable, but a resource will be needed.  Heartland’s strength is quickly qualifying the resource skill set and aligning this with our pre-qualified network.

Subscription Services
In contrast to standard managed services that companies outsource a client’s tasks off-shore, this model is designed to substitute customized resource for their most complex issues. This resource has a skill set that the client’s internal team doesn’t have and the skill set is either not available in the marketplace.

Our platform model built over 10 years is made for efficient communication within various Oracle related skill sets for USA based resources.

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