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Knowledge Transfer

We focus on the key features and benefits clients enjoy with traditional consultant training while taking advantage of Heartland’s strengths. We see clients looking for an alternative to classroom training and have creatively developed the Heartland IT Consulting Knowledge Transfer Resource Delivery Model.

During these scenarios, the client typically has a good understanding of what they need and are looking for an alternative to classroom training. Our partnership is expanded as we qualify the opportunity, partnering with the client by outlining reasonable timelines and schedules, reviewing skill set requirements, and defining an efficient on-boarding and scheduling process.

Knowledge Transfer
In contrast to traditional training, we provide a SME who has deep knowledge of the niche Oracle area involved. This resource likely has some documentation, however, the key attribute of the engagement is to have an experienced resource from the client’s team devoted, in some cases with 1-1 attention, to supplement the SME’s Oracle knowledge with knowledge of the client environment. A traditional training instructor isn’t going to have depth of understanding in this niche area and the client’s small team will get more out of a SME by showing them the features of the product, troubleshooting issues together and walking through the process flow than they would from generalized training.

The Heartland Knowledge Transfer Resource Delivery Model offers unique features and benefits designed to provide a solution that is very specific, focused and quick by building a partnership to enhance a client’s internal team’s knowledge. This makes up 2% of Heartland IT Consulting’s demand annually.

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