Heartland IT Consulting is

Direct Placement Resource

We focus on the key features and benefits clients enjoy with traditional permanent placement while taking advantage of Heartland’s strengths. We see two main types of direct placement and our delivery model has been built to deliver on each of these key areas.

During these scenarios, the client typically has a good understanding of what they need. They have an internal corporate recruiting team working to fill the position, but that team does not have the extensive Oracle network or knowledge of current changes in the Oracle marketplace. We are deeply entrenched in the Oracle ERP market and have top candidates reach out to us, so we can quickly deliver talent.

Permanent Placement
Our client is looking for a perfect fit to build their team. This resource skill set is not for a defined period of time and will be on-going. There is no need to bring on a contract resource as the budget, team and position is best suited for a full time employee.

Executive Placement
Our clients are conducting a confidential job search and discretion is critical. Because they are minimizing public exposure, they need a firm who is knowledgeable of what is happening in the target market and is engaged for the long haul. The filling of these positions can take longer than expected and it is important to have access to a range of candidates to find the perfect leader for the organization.

These 2 versions of the Heartland Direct Placement Resource Delivery Model offer unique features and benefits designed to provide a solution that is confidential, intelligent and strategic by building a partnership to deliver that specific resource permanent duration. This model makes up 5% of Heartland IT Consulting’s demand annually.

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