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Heartland IT Consulting will be attending Oracle Open World in San Francisco October 21-25, 2018.  Oracle Open World is the premier event of the year for Oracle as they display new features, explain the product road maps, and help align customers vision with the direction of the company making life as an Oracle user easier.  We are pleased to be a part of the Oracle Open World 2018 conference, as we are every year.

A few things we are looking forward to experiencing this year at Oracle Open World are listed below –

  • Oracle’s interpretation of modern technology.  2017 showed off many new features in the Oracle Cloud products and AI, IOT, and Chat bot machine driven learning features that is embedded into traditional Oracle products.  It will be interesting to see the progress made in the past year with so much focus on this area.
  • The sessions are always a highlight and Oracle invests a lot of thought into the direction of the audience information.  There are 1,119 sessions available this year.  We are interested to see the balance between cloud focused and on-premise (Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards) session options.
  • Typically, a surprise is announced during a keynote.  What will it be this year?
  • Oracle Cloud Fest 18.  Last year we had the Chainsmokers and Ellie Goulding that was a little more millennial focused than previous acts like Pearl Jam and Sting, who will be the performing musical act for 2018?
  • What will Larry wear during his Sunday night keynote?  Smart money is on a black mock turtleneck, but maybe we will see a transformation this year?

As a firm focused on providing talent that knows Oracle products, we are ready for the Oracle Open World conference in 2018.  As a veteran of the conference, please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with us as we enjoy sharing our knowledge with other professionals and constantly learning.

Cheers to a great 2018 Oracle Open World Conference!!