This is Heartland IT Consulting



Heartland IT Consulting started from humble beginnings.  In 2010 the company was founded in an apartment, cold calling companies to offer consulting services, with a phone and computer as the only amenities to support the process, both on loan. Through hard work and dedication, the company grew and we were able to get out of the apartment, hire employees and continue to build our reputation one placement at a time.  The growth has continued every year since inception.


has evolved, utilizing the basic concepts of listening and interpreting situations in a simple way.  Our company develops partnerships that are designed for long term commitments from our clients, consultants and employees in a part of the marketplace that doesn’t generally support that model.


Whether you learn about Heartland IT Consulting for the first time or talk with our people continuing to build an already established partnership, we hope that you find our rallying cry refreshing.  Our modern interpretation of resource delivery is designed to build consistent partnerships and provide a solution to the marketplace that is unmatched in quality, service, and value.

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